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1. 安装

brew install httrack

2. 运行(以下命令行操作)


Welcome to HTTrack Website Copier (Offline Browser) 3.48-21 Copyright (C) 1998-2015 Xavier Roche and other contributors To see the option list, enter a blank line or try httrack –help Enter project name :


Base path (return=/root/websites/) :


Enter URLs (separated by commas or blank spaces) :


Action: (enter) 1 Mirror Web Site(s) 2 Mirror Web Site(s) with Wizard 3 Just Get Files Indicated 4 Mirror ALL links in URLs (Multiple Mirror) 5 Test Links In URLs (Bookmark Test) 0 Quit


行动: (进入)1镜像网站(的) 2镜像网站(S)与向导 3把文件显示 4镜在URL中所有的链接(多镜) 5在URL链接(书签测试)的测试 0退出


Proxy (return=none) :


You can define wildcards, like: -.gif -img_*.zip Wildcards (return=none) :


You can define additional options, such as recurse level (-r), separed by blank spaces To see the option list, type help Additional options (return=none) :


—> Wizard command line: httrack -W -O “/home/RucLinux/DNSPod” -%v Ready to launch the mirror? (Y/n) :

//输入 Y 回车

WARNING! You are running this program as root! It might be a good idea to use the -%U option to change the userid: Example: -%U smith Mirror launched on Mon, 04 Mar 2013 02:35:02 by HTTrack Website Copier/3.46 [XR&CO’2010] mirroring with the wizard help.. Done. Thanks for using HTTrack!